New Honda Civic Models For Your Consideration

Honda never ceases to impress when it releases a new model of vehicle. In fact, they release several different models of their award-winning Honda Civic every year. Each model has its own upsides and personality, and any given one could be the perfect fit for a particular buyer. In order to explore what all of these different Honda Civic models mean to different kinds of buyers we want to take a look at the new models for this year at Cardinal Honda. Visit us in Groton, CT to learn more, you will find our new inventory less than 20 minutes outside Westerly using our speedy directions.

Honda Civic Coupe

The Honda Civic Coupe has always been among the most popular models that Honda releases each year, and they certainly were not about to skip out on it this year. It is a beautiful vehicle that brings a lot of control to the driver. Imagine having full control over your command board while at the same time enjoying a nice and comfortable interior. It has Apple CarPlay® compatibility as a standard feature integrated into the vehicle, and that brings the power of your electronics right to your fingertips even while you drive around Norwich, CT.

Honda Civic Sedan

Don't let the iconic Honda Civic Sedan pass you by without a second look. It is among the most spacious of the Honda lineup for this year. It has a ton of cargo room and creative touches like the 60/40 split fold-down rear seat back to make driving around even more of a pleasure. The interior is completely in your control, and it comes with all of the technology features that you have grown to expect with Honda vehicles.

Honda Civic Hatchback

The hatchback model boasts of some of the best efficiency of any of the Honda models, and some of the better gas mileage of any vehicles on the road today period. It offers a well-balanced powertrain and a commuter-friendly drive on the streets of Waterford, CT. It is known for having an aggressive and sporty look that gives it great handling on city streets and the highway.

Honda Civic Type R

This model is a popular and highly sought-after of all of the new models for the year. It is meant to make a powerful impression right from the start. It has a racing-inspired design that will leave you wondering what it is like to drive in something that isn't so powerful. You will be the king or queen of the road sporty coupe!


Honda Civic Sedan Si

This model has a touch of attitude to it, and has maximum handling performance and even some pretty stellar brakes also. You are always in command with this one, and you can tell it from the moment you get behind the wheel. The adaptive damper system makes sure of that!

Honda Civic Si Coupe

Finally, we take a look at the Honda Civic Si Coupe with its six different exterior paint colors and beautiful design features. This one leaves nothing to chance with the style and performance that it has in stock. Most people are instantly drawn to it for the fact that it has 19-inch HFP black alloy wheels and an even sportier look than the regular. This is one of the most popular models that Honda offers, and it is certainly back again for another year.

Overall, there is a Honda Civic out there for many drivers to enjoy. If you want to enjoy a new Honda Civic coupe, sedan, or hatchback for yourself, then visit Cardinal Honda in Groton, CT today for a test drive. You will find us just less than a 10-minute drive outside of New London, CT; we hope to see you soon!