Honda Partners with Sony On Future Electric Vehicles

Sony Vision-S Electric Vehicle Concept

While Sony has been a leading electronics company operating in markets around the globe for decades, it has made its interest in the automotive industry known. This interest was solidified when it debuted its all-electric concept models to the world. These are Sony’s Vision-S 01 and Vision-S 02. The concept cars generated considerable interest, but Sony has not had the capabilities to act on that interest until now. New Company has recently been announced as a joint venture between Sony and Honda.

This incredible venture draws on both companies’ strengths for a winning combination. Honda will provide New Company with its expertise in supply chain logistics, auto design, production, and sales. Sony’s expertise in sensing, imaging, network, infotainment, and telecommunication technologies will also be invaluable. New Company’s first all-electric vehicle will go on sale in 2025, and it will likely be designed closely after one of Sony’s two concept models.

Honda already has roots in the electrification of the auto industry. Specifically, it collaborates with General Motors to produce an all-electric SUV using its unique Ultium EV architecture. Honda also has offered electrified models under its own name for more than a decade, and it plans to introduce many new models to the mix over the next several years.

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