At Cardinal Honda, we want you to have easy access to the professional auto service that your vehicle needs, especially when it comes to your brakes. Your brakes not only keep you and your passengers safe, but other motorists and pedestrians on the roads around New London, CT and Waterford, CT as well, which is why it's so important to have them properly serviced when the time arises. To help you understand some of the tell tale signs that your brakes need to be serviced or replaced, we're going to highlight five different ways that you can tell that you need new brakes.

How Can You Tell Your Brakes Need to Be Replaced?

  • Squeaking or Grinding Noises: One of the easiest signs that your brakes need to be serviced is if you hear a squeaking, squealing or grinding noise either when you apply the brakes, or the entire time you're driving. Your brake pads are made of steel, so when you start to hear these squeaking and squealing noises, it means that the brake pads are almost worn out and you're on the verge of metal on metal contact friction. When the grinding noises occur, it can mean that you waited to long to service your brakes and the brake pads are completely worn away.
  • Brake Light: When your brake light comes on on the dashboard, it could just mean that it's time to have your vehicle inspected, but it could also mean that your brakes require immediate attention.
  • Soft Brake Pedal: If you start to notice that your brakes aren't as responsive as they once were, or if you have to push down harder on the pedal to get your vehicle to stop, it's a sign that you should have your brake system looked at immediately. This can be caused by air in the brake lines, dirty brake fluid or a variety of other issues.
  • Vehicle Pulling to One Side When Braking: If your vehicle pulls to one side when you apply the brakes, it can be caused by a caliper problem.
  • Burning Smell When Braking: If you smell a strong odor when you drive and apply the brakes, it can be a sign of overheated brakes or clutch. If so, you should pull over in a safe space and have the vehicle looked at as soon as possible.

Service Your Brakes at Cardinal Honda Today!

If you need brake service on your vehicle, we encourage you to schedule a service appointment online at Cardinal Honda in Groton, CT and we'll get your brakes back to like new condition and have you stopping on a dime around Norwich, CT and Westerly, RI in no time!

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