Winter is happening all around us in Groton, CT, which means that for any of you, it could be time to hit the slopes for some downhill skiing or snowboarding. For some of us, the winter might simply involve staying in on our days off with a cup of cocoa and our favorite television series. No matter what your plans are this winter, your new or pre-owned Honda model from here at Cardinal Honda requires a great many maintenance procedures to ensure it can get you where you need to go smoothly and efficiently with no traction or engine issues. Fortunately for you, no matter what your level of automotive skill is like, help is here at Cardinal Honda! Whether it is an oil change, tire rotation, brake inspection, or battery test, trust in the experts at our service center to help give your new or used Honda the maintenance it deserves to help prepare you for whatever the winter weather months might throw at you! Schedule an appointment and come see us here at Cardinal Honda to learn more, our service center is on-location at our Groton, CT Honda dealership, and we are proudly serving Westerly, Rhode Island!

How Do I Know my Honda Needs Maintenance?

This is a question brought to our service center technicians often, but it is often simple to answer. If it has been a while since your last service appointment, it could be time to bring your new or used Honda in! For many Honda owners, getting their new or used Honda ready for winter perfectly coincides with their next service appointment, but for those who have not scheduled one recently, your vehicle might require more. One of the most crucial areas, often affected by adverse weather conditions, is in the tires of the vehicle, so here is a simple test to check if your tires might need replacing: simply take a US copper penny and place it in the large center groove of the tire with President Lincoln's head facing towards the tire. If his face is completely covered, then it is a good sign that your tires are carrying a good amount of tread to take on the streets of New London or Waterford during the winter. If his head is only partially or not obstructed at all, it is time for new tires as bald models could lead to hydroplaning and loss of traction.

The fluids in your vehicle are also imperative to its performance this winter, so you should pop the hood every now and then to check the oil, coolant, and washer fluid levels. When it comes to checking oil, simply look for the dipstick which should be marked with a distinct handle; pull it out, wipe it off with a clean rag or paper towel, and stick it back in the car to get a better reading. Once you pull it out a second time, you will see a fresh oil marking between the dots on the far end of the dipstick indicating where the level of oil is currently. Your owner's manual will let you know where the oil mark should be, but if it falls lower than its designated "full" notch or the dipstick comes up completely dry, it is time for new oil and possibly an oil change as dry or expired oil can lead to long-term engine damage. The time you should wait between oil changes varies from pre-owned to new Honda models, but you should consider getting an oil change during the winter months to ensure your engine is properly lubricated, which is where Cardinal Honda is here to help!

Schedule an Appointment Today!

No matter if it is an oil change, fluid flushing, tire rotation, or you simply need to ensure your all-wheel drive system is still in tip-top shape, our service center at Cardinal Honda in Groton, CT is here to help! Our dealership also offers Honda Express Service, with no appointment necessary, to give you some of the basic light maintenance procedures your new or used Honda might need this summer, such as oil changes! Otherwise, simply schedule an appointment online and come see us here at our Groton, CT Honda dealership and service department, proudly serving Norwich. See you soon!

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