The All-New Honda Civic

New Honda Civic Models for Sale at Cardinal Honda in Groton, CT

Whether you're looking for a sedan, coupe, or hatchback, we have one car in mind for you, and that's the new Honda Civic. Those of you familiar with Cardinal Honda will recall that the Civic is one of those cars we always have available in our new inventory. The reason we focus on keeping a lineup of these models is Groton and Connecticut drivers, generally, can benefit in many ways from the performance capabilities, interior spaciousness, and advanced safety features of the new Honda Civic. Of course, there's another pinnacle attribute of this car that earns the respect of drivers, which is its modern exterior design. As our customers have told us on many occasions after they shopped around and saw other sedans like the Corolla, Sentra, or Mazda3, the Honda Civic stands above its competition with regard to style. You can learn more about the new Honda sedan by reading below, or you can experience this car firsthand by test driving one at our dealership today.

Performance Review of the New Honda Civic

There are multiple aspects of the new Honda Civic that contribute to its impressive performance capabilities. But before we get bogged down in minute details and specifications, let's talk in general terms about how the driving characteristics of the Civic can benefit drivers in Connecticut. The sedan model of this vehicle, for example, is capable of producing up to 174 horsepower. For driving down I-95, this engine power will enable you entry via an on-ramp or negotiate tight traffic with ease. Meanwhile, the sharp and winding turns on the backcountry roads in our area will prove no match for the Civic because its independent suspension gives you exceptionally responsive handling. Of course, we also encounter a variety of weather conditions living on the Connecticut shoreline, but one ingredient we can count on to invariably show up is wind blowing off the Atlantic Ocean. No matter what body style of the Civic you drive, though, the car's aerodynamic body lines will help you slice through the gusty winds and stay firmly in control of your vehicle's steering while minimizing fuel usage.

The Trim Levels of the Honda Civic

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One benefit of driving a new Honda Civic is its customizability. Of course, the popularity of the Civic nationwide means that Honda is happy to produce many exciting OEM parts and features that you can add to your vehicle, but what about before you purchase it? In fact, thanks to the wide variety of trim levels available for the Civic, you can get the proper arrangement of design characteristics and performance capabilities to suit your needs and budget. From the base model LX up through the high-end Touring edition, each Civic trim has a distinct look and arrangement of features to suit you. Here in Connecticut, we are a small state with a big population that includes drivers of all types. From younger couples who want the modern design of the Civic Hatchback, performance enthusiasts who want top-of-the-line engine power in their Civic Coupe, families that appreciate the simplicity of a Civic Sedan base model, to business professionals who love the luxury of a high-end version of the Civic sedan, we have a wide enough selection of Civic models at Cardinal Honda to accommodate diverse driving needs, budgets, and tastes. Chances are, your ideal Civic is waiting for you in our inventory right now. Plus, with the financing offers available at our dealership, you can arrange a lease or loan based on your financial circumstances.

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So far, we've given you an overview of the performance capabilities and trim level options for the new Honda Civic. Now it's your turn to put this information to use while you browse our diverse selection of Civic models in stock today at Cardinal Honda. Moreover, thanks to our years of experience serving the needs of Connecticut drivers, you can expect friendly customer service from knowledgeable sales professionals who understand the driving needs of people in this region. As always, we encourage you to shop around, perhaps check out comparable cars to the Civic, such as the Corolla, Sentra, and Mazda3, but ultimately we're confident you will settle on the Civic as your final choice. To learn more about this car, or to arrange your test drive in a new Honda Civic, please feel free to contact or visit us today!